we are benzēne: a music and sound production boutique founded in Paris, with offices in Paris and NY and operating worldwide

  • Paris

    35 rue d'Enghien
    75010 Paris
    +33 1 40 22 91 02
  • New York

    28 W. 44th St. 21st Floor
    10036 New York
    +1 917 267 8231

benzēne is a select team of highly qualified music and sound production experts with an active industry network

we offer our clients a creative and modern approach to music and sound, providing
adaptable resources and expertise across all aspects of audio production

we partner with privileged, bespoke-sourced talents for each project
according to its unique needs

● Music (synchronization and licensing, original scores)
● Sound Design
● Voice Talent Casting and Recording
● Worldwide Rights Management
● Broadcast and VR/360 Mixing
● Location Recording

benzēne is a part of NIGHTSHIFT Group, a global company dedicated to creative content